Jerusalem Post – Grapevines

Reprints from the Jerusalem Post – January 10, 2019 – by GREER FAY CASHMAN  

MANY PEOPLE like to draw parallels between the weekly Bible reading and current events. Writer and political activist Gol Kalev prefers to link the Bible reading with events in the life of Zionist visionary Theodor Herzl, and on Sunday, January 12, at 6 p.m., he will discuss similarities between the struggles of Joseph, the interpreter of dreams who wanted to be reunited with his father and his brothers, and Herzl, who in an acutely antisemitic era dreamed of bringing his fellow Jews to the Promised Land. Kalev will discuss the struggles of the two men, born so many centuries apart, yet somehow linked in searching for their brethren. Strangers whom they met led them on transformative paths, and in so doing changed the course of Jewish history.

The affair will be accompanied by wine and Bamba. Entry is free of charge, but space is limited, and anyone wishing to attend must register with

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